Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Internet,

As an American I support the Commander in Chief in all of his decisions. That said, he needs to be stopped. Bama is an abortion machine setting terrorists free into our world.

In the first few days of him being President he's been supporting a ton of abortions. I don't mind the fact that he's giving money to foreign countries so they can perform abortions. That's just good strategy. But now he wants to kill Christian babies by making priests and ministers perform abortions or have all their money taken away. There is only one thing more important than money and that's Jesus Christ. They call this a freedom of choice bill, but what if my choice is to not kill Christian babies and still be rich? This is America and my choice is more important.

Also, Bama is closing the prison camps where we torture terrorists. This is wrong. We should not torture terrorists out on the streets like common criminals. We should torture them in a secure location far from the eyes of the world. I know. I was in Vietnam. Do you know what happens when you torture people out in the open? The downfall of civilization, that's what. When's the last time you bought a car from Vietnam? Right. That's all because of the torture. Also, the American people can not be trusted to torture terrorists appropriately. Nothing against my fellow Americans, but most just don't have the stomach for it. There's too many dirt worshipping liberals out there who would rather buy a terrorist some marywana instead of shoving needles behind their fingernails as is appropriate. Next thing you know we're all going to be speaking Hindu and praying to Buddah. Is that the America you want?

I have created this letter below that you can print out and send to your congressman. All you have to do is sign your name and put it in the mailbox. The post office knows me so you don't have to put stamps on it or anything.

Dear My Congressman,

Tell Bama to stop it!


(Your name here)

Send these by the millions to your congressmen and send a couple to Bama too so he understands.

God bless America and God bless me.


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